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The Clock

Interactive Experience, 2022

The Clock is a multilayered interactive experience that discusses the distance between abstraction and substance, the definition of an object and the object itself. This distance is measured in the transformation of the viewers’ perceptions of time through the experience. When the viewer first sees the clock, it is the most common, mundane, and abstract representation of time. In the "pseudo-statement", the viewer is offered a seemingly profound, de facto meaningless, but in any case equally abstract denotation of time.

The viewer concludes the experience without a true definition of time, but instead a genuine,  physical feeling of its passage. A definition is absent, but time, the object itself, has left a clear impact. This impact is unique to each viewer. The visualizations provided to the viewers when they leave share the same abstraction as the clock they saw when they first entered, but now that the viewer has had an actual experience of time, the common becomes exclusive, the mundane becomes peculiar, and the abstract forms a bijection with the substantial experience. 

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