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Creative Coding, 2020

This p5.js creative coding project is inspired by the 19th-century modern art movement -- Pointillism -- a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. This project simulates an interactive exhibition experience in which the user, together with the artist, recreates some of the most well-known Pointillism artworks with modern technology. The look of the final artwork depends not only on the code itself but also on the user's interactive control of the size of the paint stroke. Since the user's interaction is essential to the final artwork, they are given credit on the exhibition label.

- Click on the canvas to start the first painting 
- Slide the bar to adjust the size of the stroke instantly
- After 10 seconds, the current canvas will be complete. The user will be given the choice to save this final artwork to local computer
- Click space to clear the canvas and start a new painting 

View / Run Source Code

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