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Photography, 2019

In China, all TV shows, films, songs, and other artistic activities have to go through an investigation process by the National Radio and Television Administration before public distribution. However, since 2019, Under a more strict investigation rule, Chinese TV shows started to cover tattoos, piercings, jewelry, hairstyles, etc. with mosaics before distribution. It is believed by the official that tattoos have direct relationships to gangs. Piercings, jewelry, and certain hairstyles of men are characteristics of the lack of masculinity. By visually blocking these elements, the administration wishes to create a “healthy” environment for the audience. 


This case is very cultural-specific to the artistic environment in contemporary Chinese society. Tattoos, piercings, jewelry, hairstyles are valuable personal choices, and can even become demonstrations of one’s personality. By removing them, the government is removing the diversity among the young generation. As both a content creator and an audience, I doubt what do I have the right to say and to see. This project acts as a visual satire of this administrative rule, as well as this social phenomenon as a whole.

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