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My Little Olympus

Photography, 2018 - Present (Ongoing)

In 2018, I got an old analog Olympus µ2 point-and-shoot camera from my grandma. It weighs only 275 grams and easily fits into my pocket, so I started to bring it with me every day. I used the cheapest film I could find on the market for it and did not give myself a clear theme or goal to accomplish. I started to casually shoot everything I found beautiful and interesting in life. This way of taking photographs is so different from the serious theme-based shooting that I was used to.


After shooting for more than a year, as I went through the large volume of photographs I took, I found that my eyes are always drawn to connections between people. Chilling at concerts, restaurants, apartments, or even on the streets, I would take out my little Olympus and click the shutter. The casualness of this camera makes it unnoticeable, providing me the most authentic moment, and allowing me to capture the most intimate emotional connection among my subjects. 


This project is analog. For me, physical film has more emotional weight than digital files because of its tangibility. The time and effort of developing and scanning makes it a permanent collection, so I choose to document authentic emotional connections with film that is as valuable as my subject.


This is an ongoing project. There will continue to be authentic emotions like this in life, and I will continue to capture them with my little Olympus.

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