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About Life and Death

Collage, 2019

“I will flip the page and I will start reading something that I would never, in a million years, click on actively,” Says Nate Lowman about making art-making in the artist discussion, “The Last Newspaper”. That is exactly how I started on this project. I started flipping through the pages of Sing Tao Daily as I walked by a newsstand in Chinatown of New York City. I find it very different from most publications that I am familiar with nowadays. As a newspaper targeting the minority Chinese community in New York City, Sing Tao Daily showcases a lot of content that is rarely seen elsewhere today. Just like the Chinese American community in Chinatown, the newspaper does not adapt well into mainstream American society, neither does it keep up with the development of China. ​


The advertisement section in this newspaper caught my eyes particularly. While I find it a truthful reflection of the Chinese American community in New York City, it also coincidently explores the philosophy of the cycle of life. The prostitute ads reminded me of the topic of sex, which is the beginning of all life; the dating ads are around the topic of marriage; the ads for treating infertility mark the beginning of lives; the public announcement of people’s death marks the end of it. Through creating a collage with these images, I created a full cycle of life and death.

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