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Jiaqi Liu is an artist who is interested in the patterns and properties of transformations and constants. The goal of her works is to encapsulate the shared essence at the root of evolvements as well as the distinct characteristics that grow into dedicated dimensions of specific subjects. She resonates with mathematics and many aspects of the sciences in their rational induction and generalization of phenomena. She also finds guidance and evidence in cultures and history as they build a collective archive of human experience that preserves the most colorful details of the ebbs and flows of patterns. In addition to exploring and recording, she wants her work to also interact, inspire and invite reflections.


Jiaqi sees time as the special dimension in the world we live in and therefore finds it the most intriguing. Many of her works take forms in mediums that can easily capture the effects of time, with an emphasis on technology and imaging. Jiaqi does not consider herself an artist of a specific medium but an artist of concepts. As she understands the organic reactions that take place between the medium and the concept of an artwork, she strives to conduct her works in the mediums that are the most suitable for the subject matter in discussion. To this end, she has been developing her conceptual thinking as well as honing her skills in diverse mediums.

Jiaqi received a BFA summa cum laude from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts under the advisement of Professor Wafaa Bilal. She is currently pursuing her Dual-MS degree in Applied Information Science and Information Systems at Cornell University. Her works have been selected for multiple honors and awards at the national as well as international levels and have been showcased at prominent galleries and theaters, including the Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

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