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Jiaqi Liu is a Beijing-born, New York City-based artist who seeks to spot the spectacular from the mundane, seize tranquility from excitements, and search for universal themes in diverse individual perspectives. Her artworks aim to portray shared elements of human experiences that transcend time and space, rather than focusing on one specific group or issue restricted by these dimensions. 

Jiaqi's interest lies in the intersection of art, culture, and technology. She sees culture as a collective archive of human experience through time with diverse reflections of the few everlasting fundamental problems. Technology is the question and answer of the current reflections, and shall one day become part of the future generation’s culture. Jiaqi believes the transitory nature of these reflections is not a reason for an underestimation of their importance, but rather a call for exploration that bridges the present and the futuristic. It is on this frontier where she does art – to frame questions and compose answers that resonate across time.

Jiaqi obtained her BFA degree from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts under the advisement of Professor Wafaa Bilal. She is currently pursuing her Dual-MS degree in Applied Information Science and Information Systems with a concentration in Connective Media at Cornell University. Her works have been selected for multiple honors and awards at the national as well as international levels and have been showcased at prominent galleries and theaters including the Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

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