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Jiaqi Liu is a conceptual artist who believes there exists a shared pattern underlying every and any thing. She draws inspiration from mathematics and many aspects of the sciences in their rational induction and generalization of phenomena. She also finds guidance in Chinese philosophy on dynamics and tension. Recently, she has been fascinated by nature, for its naturalness, and therefore close proximity to the universal pattern. Jiaqi aims her practice to create artistic manifestations of such a pattern. In addition to exploring and recording, she wants her work to interact, inspire, and invite reflections.

While Jiaqi has been working primarily with the mediums of imaging and technology, she does not consider herself an artist of mediums but an artist of concepts. As she understands the organic reactions that take place between the medium and the concept of an artwork, she strives to conduct her works in the mediums that are the most suitable for the subject matter in discussion. A current objective of Jiaqi is to further develop the physical aspect of her works, be it a weight, a texture, or a scent.

Jiaqi is currently pursuing her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with the Pritzker Fellowship. Previously, she received a Dual-MS in Computer and Information Science from Cornell University, as well as a BFA summa cum laude with honors from NYU Tisch under the advisement of Professor Wafaa Bilal. Her works have been showcased worldwide, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (New York, US), Brooklyn Bridge Park (New York, US), Microscope Gallery (New York, US), AMC Empire Theatre (New York, US), Galerie KUB (Leipzig, Germany), KOMM Haus (Leipzig, Germany), Czong Institute of Contemporary Art (Gimpo, KR), Jupiter Art Museum (Shenzhen, China), and on large public screens in Denver (US), Kalamata (Greece), and Rethymno (Greece). 

Aside from practicing art, Jiaqi is also a filmmaker specializing in production design and art direction for experimental and narrative films. Her works have been selected for festivals and awards, including the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Rookie Awards, Chinese Youth Film Week, HiShorts! Film Festival, Youth Image, among others.


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